From 9th September changes will applied to the routes No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5 and No.6.

Route No.2 “Kauguri – Ķemeru kapi” bus with entry to Sloka’s quarry will be carried out on Saturdays during the period from 1st June to 31st August. The bus timetable for working days and weekends will be the same – buses will be running with entry to Ķemeri station on weekends as well.

Route No.3 “Bulduru stacija – Valteri – Kauguri” time of departure will be five minutes earlier from “Bulduru stacija” 5:55. These changes have been made to provide better connection for passengers, who are using train service and then the bus to get to final destination.

To mutually align with other city bus routes and the train timetable, some changes have been made on the Route No.4 “Bulduri – Slokas stacija” and on Route No.5 “Bulduri – Ķemeru stacija”.

From 9th September the Route No.6 buses will be running on the route “Slokas stacija – Ķemeru stacija” and there will be increased number of the fares. From bus stop “Slokas stacija” the bus will be running down Satiksmes street, then Slokas street and approved main route to the bus stop “Ķemeru stacija”.

For more information about bus schedule changes passengers can look on the web site under the section “Routes and timetables”, on mobile application and on the timetable on the bus stops.