Motor Vehicle Firm Jūrmala–SV changes its name

From 20 February, SIA “Autobusu parks Jūrmala–SV” that provides public transport services in Jūrmala has changed its name. From now on, the company’s new name is SIA “Jūrmalas autobusu satiksme” (JAS). Along with the name change, the company transformed its visual identity, developed a new website and made several important improvements to increase passenger comfort level and safety in Jūrmala’s public transport.

During this year, the company will gradually replace the older buses to newer models so that the average age of the vehicles does not exceed 5 years. All public transport vehicles will have audio/visual information and cameras on-board to ensure passenger safety and to have the ability to check individual cases.

Thanks to modern technology, the passengers will have access to JAS mobile application for smart phones and tablets. The passenger will have an easy and fast online access to bus and minibus schedules, as well as they will be able to track bus location and see how long they have to wait until the bus arrives at their stop.

Soon, the passengers will have access to a new and modern website, which will provide information about the news of the company, changes in routes and schedules. Furthermore, people will be able to find out this information also by calling the free 24/7 helpline. To ensure direct communication between the passengers and the company, JAS will create its social media presence on various platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

About SIA “Jūrmalas autobusu satiksme”

SIA “Jūrmalas autobusu satiksme” provides public transport services in Jūrmala since 1958. Currently, there are 9 routes around Jūrmala with 23 buses and minibuses.