Passenger survey to be conducted for routes serviced by JAS

From 16 to 29 May, SIA Jūrmalas autobusu satiksme (JAS) that provides passenger transport services in Jūrmala will conduct a passenger survey. The company wants to find out the opinion of JAS passengers regarding the quality of public transport services.

The survey will be conducted for routes serviced by JAS in Jūrmala. This is the first time when such surveying of JAS passengers will take place. We encourage all passengers to take an active part in the survey, expressing their opinion and giving recommendations on the improvements and updates that are necessary for ensuring more convenient and accessible public transport for inhabitants of Jūrmala.

This would help the company to ensure its passengers good service with high availability, thus facilitating more frequent use of JAS public transport services. Ask the bus driver for the survey and hand it over to him once finished.

From 1 May, JAS passengers can call 24/7 helpline —+371 67 11 33 22. They will be able to find out information about changes in routes or schedules and provide recommendations.

About SIA “Jūrmalas autobusu satiksme”

SIA “Jūrmalas autobusu satiksme” provides public transport services in Jūrmala since 1958. The company employs 53 bus and minibus drivers who ensure passenger transportation in 9 routes around Jūrmala.